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Why Choose NEMCCO ?


Contacting NEMCCO is a source of extra expertise and knowledge. Because we have been involved with the design and construction of many projects in mining engineering, we always provide a second opinion to in-house engineers and offer a renewed perspective. In collaboration with our clients and partners, we add value to the organization in a variety of ways, from consulting and project management to providing training and technical support.


Our approach is based on providing highly innovative solutions that go along with the required services. These cutting-edge tools, techniques, and solutions ensure the highest quality to project planning, execution, and delivery. We train and mentor our partners to use these solutions in their daily decision-making processes. 


One of NEMCCO's core values is to establish long-term relationships with its clients. Our clients are our partners, and we take pride in delivering the best customizable consulting solutions to ensure a great relationship sustainability. 

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