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Geotechnical Design

geomechanical characterization

The geomechanical characterization is intended to be a comprehensive and practical reference to guide planning and execution of geotechnical investigations, interpretation of the acquired measurements to develop reliable geotechnical design parameters, and identifying and characterizing geotechnical hazards.


For a waste rock dump to be managed both during operations and at closure, a thorough understanding of how water and the composition of waste impacts the overall stability of the facility. The NEMCCO’s advantage is to use coupled seepage and slope stability analyses to evaluate the risk of failure.



Heap leaching requires a rigorous design process taking into account specific conditions such as metallurgy, topography, climate, geotechnics, environmental and closure conditions. At NEMCCO, we collaborate with mining experts to deliver an optimal, safe and economical heap leach design incorporating new materials, new technology (monitoring, instrumentation), new designs for leach pads, and lessons learned.


The design of tailings impoundments requires extreme care and rigorous design process. To yield the most benefits from tailings disposal, it is necessary to integrate the design of the process plant with the tailings disposal system, while considering all design aspects from site selection to impoundment closure. NEMCCO works closely with tailings and geotechnical experts to ensure the construction and maintenance of stable facilities that can be practically operated and successfully closed.

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