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Numerical Modelling


The power of numerical modelling consists of analyzing stress state and displacement of complex geometries of rock mass and structural features induced by underground excavations and mining operations. Results are interpreted by NEMCCO’s qualified personnel for the aim to optimize the design and sequence of openings and support systems, making the process safer and more productive.

Mine Induced Seismicity 

The main causes and potential of seismicity can have significant impacts on permanent and temporary mine openings. Our experts interpret seismic events and their magnitude, mechanism, and distribution. Combining geotechnical mapping and numerical modelling, we help you understand the interaction between seismicity, structural features and stress. This is important to avoid rockbursts and ground damage in areas where personnel and equipment could be present.


The use of analytical solutions or numerical modelling can help in the implementation of high value projects such as continuous pour, optimization of the design and placement of the fill fence, optimization of % binder or reduction of the fill cure time (increasing stope turnover). Contact us for more details about these potential projects for your site.

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