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Underground Mine ground support -MeshTrap, Bolt, Rebars, Cables

Underground Mining

Ground Support Design

The stability of openings relies on a well-designed ground support system. At NEMCCO, we provide guidance on primary and secondary support systems and help you elaborate ground support specifications and installation procedures. Whether mining conditions require static or dynamic support, we developed expertise on support systems including rebar, D-bolts, Cone bolts, cables, spin cables, split sets, swellex, etc.

The Ground Control Management Plan 

The GCMP is intended to guide and inform mine personnel of geotechnical hazards by providing a framework for management and ground control personnel to implement strategies and delegate tasks related to geotechnical hazard management. NEMCCO has developed an audit procedure for GCMPs designed for underground operations in collaboration with different mining companies. 


Instrumentation aims at monitoring the evolution of ground movement and alert geotech personnel of sudden, significant movements of the ground. Excessive deformation of openings could pose a significant risk to the mine operation. Being alerted by appropriate instruments to all potential events helps engineering or technical staff can assess potential risk and take immediate and appropriate action, ensuring mine operations are kept safe and productive at all times.

NEMCCO assists in defining and implementing the instrumentation program required to successfully manage your project. Whether it’s monitoring ground movement, ground reinforcement, mine fill barricade, stress change, level of water, or other applications, our team will help you in the procurement stage, the installation, and the interpretation of data.

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